Exploring Resources for Littles

Our district recently went 1:1 iPads for our K – 3 learners. Many classes had access to technology before and some were even close to 1:1, but now we have the power of 1:1 and all that comes with that. Add to this reality the fact that I am a new digital learning coach, and new to working with Elementary and you can imagine my hunger to learn how to utilize this resource with our learners.


I started on Twitter, looking for early elementary educators who tweet about using tech with their learners. I got some ideas from there and created a list on my twitter account of people to follow. Marc Faulder shared this resource with a whole collection on what kids can do. I really liked how its focus is on creating, including video, photography, drawing, and music. I haven’t explored these yet, but they are on my list. This discovery led me to look into other iBooks. (Not sure why I didn’t think of this first.)

I found this collection by Paula Jamison, assistant principal of the Te Akau ki Papamoa school in New Zealand (sooo cool that we can learn from anybody!). I started to explore, “Viewing In The iPad Classroom” this set includes Viewing, Oral Language, Reading, and Writing. After exploring studying this resource I was so impressed with what was available that I have downloaded others to explore later. In Viewing ideas are shared that can be used in any content area. The thing that really got me excited is that these ideas are from 2nd grade and below, yet they could be used with a bit of tweaking in nearly any grade level and with any content. The activities have the learners creating and truly showing what they know and their thinking in visual ways. In the book, each activity shares the purpose along with the workflow, usually with multiple choices for apps.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 5.37.55 PM.png

In “Viewing” there are eight different activities. Two of my favorite examples are: Responding to a Digital Image, and Before and After. I highly recommend you check out the book, but I will give you a brief teaser.


Responding to A Digital Image

  1. Start with an image that the learners will write about. Using the camera, have each learner take a picture so they have it on their iPad.
  2. As a class, explore and record some of the words the learners would use to label the image.
  3. Leaving the example at the front of the classroom, have the learners label their image, and then record their thoughts about it.


Before and After

  1. Using a drawing app the learners draw a picture that shows what they know about that concept.
  2. The learners talk about their learning with each other, building on their personal knowledge and supporting each other in their learning
  3. The learners draw what they now know. They can put the two images together and show how their learning has grown.
  • I have to say, one thing I like soooo much about this practice is it utilizes retrieval practice, a powerful learning strategy, for our littlest learners. Want to learn more about this? Check out my summer learning post including of sketchnotes of the book Make it Stick, or go to https://www.retrievalpractice.org/ .


I would love to learn some of your favorite activities with your little learners. It is so exciting to see what they can create.


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