Empowering Learning Through The Camera Lens

As the year wraps up many educators are looking for ways for their kids to showcase their learning. Of course we could look at new apps, but I have been considering the simple power of the humble camera. It really is is a powerful learning tool that sometimes get overlooked. Add MarkUp to your images and information can easily be added to a picture that gives learners a creative way to share their knowledge and think more deeply about a topic. I have kinder classes that are using this combo to show shapes in real life like this:

It can also be used in language arts.   In a blog post, Dr Kristi Meeuwse shared how her young learns use their camera when Adapting Classic Stories with iPad.  It showed how kinders read about the Gingerbread Man, and then adapted it to their environment. They went out, took pictures and then used markup to have a “pizza man” go down the slide or a chocolate chip cookie running down the sidewalk.  It is a quick read with links to a series of iBooks she has written (including The Rich Potential of young Children’s Photography, Video, Drawing and Music) about how the youngest of learners can use iPads to showcase their learning. (For more great ideas on how our youngest learners can use technology check out the hashtag #k2can2)

One of Matt Miller’s’ favorite projects, “Caption This” is to take historic images (like Washington crossing the Delaware), and add captions about what the characters are thinking.  You could take the same concept, but make it more personal by having kids capture pictures of projects they have done, or things they have learned about, and then give the object “captions” as they share out how they work, what they have to do next, what they are missing, or whatever would take the leaning to the next level. (Check out Matt’s article. He does a great job of going to the next DOK level).

Some other great ways to use the camera are outlined in Apple’s Everyone Can Create Photo book. It walks learners through how to use the camera in more ways than they may have considered, how to improve their photos, and how to personify their pictures to tell a story. It is learner facing. From there it goes into even more advanced projects including importing photos into Keynote and adding layers, drawings and more to tell your story. Not sure how this all fits into your curriculum? They have a book for that too. Check out the Everyone Can Create Teacher’s Guide for ideas.

Wether you choose to just outline shapes, have projects explain themselves or personify an object, remember the mighty power of the camera to capture learning. How will you use empower learning with the power of the camera?

Not sure how to use MarkUp? Here is a quick video showing how to use Markup on your iPad

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